The Grow Local Kitchen offers cooking classes from basics to master classes.  We host many talented local and out-of-town chefs.  Have a skill you'd like to share?  Contact us to suggest classes or volunteer.

Holiday Gifting and Partying with Lyn Deardorff and Rebecca Wood

a Getting Ready for the Holidays Preserving and Baking Event

What do shortbread, pears, vanilla and rum have in common?

We'll be making and using these ingredients in our Getting Ready for the Holidays Preserving and Baking Event.


First up is preparing and baking shortbread.  THen we;ll make a vanilla pear jam to pair with it.  While you are immersed in flour and pears, we'll sample a shrub* that'll combune the best of the fall season with pear, apple and vanilla that you can mix with rum or soda and also taste a few more appetizers.


We'll also bring display samples of more gifting ideas in interesting packaging that you can do yourself, along with take-home recipes for everything made and sampled during the evening.


Everything included along with your own homemade shortbread and a jar of vanilla pear jam to take home.


*Shrub dates back to the colonial days and are a way of preserving fruit in a vinagery solution the makes a sweet and savory refreshing drink.



Holiday Gifting and Partying
Saturday, October 11, 2014
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
$55 per person
register by email:
You Can!  with Lyn Deardorff of
a Hands-On Workshop on the Basics of Canning

Canning Pix-home and products 004.jpg


Capture the Season's Bounty in your Pantry!

 It can be small batch or a garden’s worth.  It’s old fashioned – with modern science!   

Our Immersion Workshop covers all the basics in a four-hour complete, hands-on workshop, using the most popular and easiest method: water-bath canning. We emphasize safety guidelines along with tips for avoiding added sugars, salts, and other dietary concerns - along with NO preservatives, artificial coloring or other additives!
We’ll do three of the most popular kinds of canning:  A Pickle, A Tomato, and A Fruit.  You’ll receive a complete notebook of instruction and recipes (which we use in the class) along with a jar of each product to take home - 3 jars in all. We'll talk about using equipment you already have on hand, how to use your jarred food in various recipes such as entrees, lunches, appetizers, kids' meals.  

You'll leave with the knowledge and confidence to do canning on your own – ready to stock your pantry for year-round seasonal goodness! All supplies, food and jars, plus instructions and recipes provided.   $75.00 per person

You Can! with Lyn Deardorff of
Sunday, October 12, 2014
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
$75 per person
register here